Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for cleaning shifts, open houses, fundraising, and much more! It takes a team effort to care for the cats. Stop by on any open house for information, view our facility, and get a volunteer sign up sheet/cleaning shift hours.

All of our cages are sanitized at least 2-3 times per week (cages stripped, everything cleaned and new clean rugs, beds and litter boxes put in the cages). Daily every cage has the litter box scooped or changed, dishes sanitized, and bedding replaced if dirty.

We have regular fundraisers including our Vendor/Craft Fair and Bake Sale, our Annual Colossal Rummage Sale, Marcus Movie Passes, Scrips (prepaid gift cards), Entertainment Books, Cat Shows, Farmers Markets, and much more.

Whether you can give one hour or ten, we appreciate it! We are a successful shelter because we work as a team. Please contact us to join our team & our mission, 

If you have any questions or would like to know what volunteering all entails, please contact Dorothy our Volunteer Coordinator at: dgbozich@twc.com


Foster Homes Needed


Currently there is a waiting list to get into our shelter. Foster homes allow homeless cats a place to stay while waiting to get their spot at our shelter. 

Do you have room to spare? Become a foster parent with us! Short and long term options available, but commitment needed. 

Email us for more information secondhandpurrs@gmail.com